Our Beaches


Where do you find the best beaches in the Dominican Republic… At the north coast and more specific in Samana. This peninsula has more than 30 kilometers of beaches, smaller and bigger ones. We will make a tour with you starting in Las Terrenas. Below a list of the most famous beaches here… but between these beaches you will find other beaches… Private and unknown... ready to explore and enjoy.

PLAYA JACKSON WEST FROM LAS TERRENAS: Playa Jackson can only be reached by boat, by foot or by dunky… The most easiest way is to take a boat from Las Terrenas. Playa Jackson is a totally secluded beach and enclosed by 2 rocks. Spectacular white sandy beach with coconuts and a large cliff in the back. There are no restaurants so take your food with you.

PLAYA COSON IN LAS TERRENAS: Playa Coson has around 6 km of beach. You will find several private villas here, some restaurants like Casa Coson and Luis, the Wyndham hotel and the Los Nomadas villa resort. Good access. Somewhere in the middle small paradise where  2 rivers come together and go over into the ocean.  The mixture of the colder water from the mountains streaming into the ocean gives some strange light over your pictures… Very special... And at both sides perfect places for drinking and dining as well.

PLAYA BONITA IN LAS TERRENAS: Playa Bonita is around 1.5 km long and is directly connected with Playa Coson. You will find several villa resorts here, famous french restaurants and hotels. Good access. At one side you will find the famous rocks in the water, very quiet to swim. Further down you will get the restaurants and bars.

PLAYA LAS BALLENAS IN LAS TERRENAS: Playa Las Ballenas is around 2 km long and goes up to center of Las Terrenas. At Playa Las Ballenas you will find bars, restaurants, villas, hotels and a sailing club. Very good access. Pueblo Los Pescadores is at the start of center town, where all restaurants are located. At the end of Playa Las Ballenas you will find a spectacular location, where the river is coming into the sea. Here you will find the sailingclub as well. Somewhere in the middle, just in front of Hotel Cacao, you can buy fresh fish and lobster, every morning, directly from the local fishermen.

PLAYA PUNTA POPI IN LAS TERRENAS: Playa Punta Popi also center town, is also several kilometers long and if you like you can walk up to El Portillo, more than 6 km. Bars, restaurants, hotels, lounges, kite surfing and music. Whatever you like you will find here. Very good access.

PLAYA EL PORTILLO IN LAS TERRENAS: Playa El Portillo is where the Gran Bahia Hotel is located and is directly connected to Punta Popi. You just walk and walk and walk in both sides…  The beaches in and around El Portillo have white sand, which is very special in Samana. The beaches have very good access.

PLAYA ALEMAN OR PLAYA ESTILLERO: Playa Aleman/Estillero is located in a small bay and can be reached over a good sandy road of around 2km. Several villa and apartment projects are located here. Very quiet. This beach is connected with El Limon beach with more than 3 km of beach.

PLAYA EL LIMON: Playa El Limon has around 2 km of beach and can be reached over a sandy road of around 2.5 km. There is one apartment project at this moment so very quiet beach.

PLAYA MORON: Playa Moron is more isolated and after El Limon you have some sandy roads of in total around 5km. Ask several times which road you need to take because its hidden and very nice. Access is now very good.

PLAYA LAS CANAS: Playa Las Canas is on the same road, only 1 km further. Take a 4×4 car or quad! But it's worth it!

PLAYA ERMITANO: Playa Ermitano is difficult to reach. Its only possible by boat or dunky… Very isolated beach… You feel like Robinson… But a dream beach, a small paradise. So if you have a change go there.

PLAYA EL VALLE: Playa El Valle has 1.2 km of beach and can be reached over a sandy road of around 10km. Better take a 4×4. Very nice secluded beach enclosed by mountains. Fresh fish and fresh lobster can be bought here directly at the beach at the small Dominican restaurants. The road from an to El Valle is very spectacular. Defined by its name, el Valle (the Valley) is located between 2 mountains. The waves can be very big, depending on the season, and fantastic for surfing. The access now is perfect. The sandy road is in decent condition.

PLAYA RINCON: The main part stretches for 4 kilometers and there is another part separated by a small peninsula which, although smaller, is even prettier and more secluded. What makes Playa Rincon or Rincon Bay beach this remarkable. Good sand, thousands of palm trees, azure colored waters and a spectacular setting surrounded by mountains. Also, there are no motels, hotels or condos and the only commercial establishments are several small restaurants serving freshly caught fish, lobsters and local fare.

You can get to Rincon by boat from Las Galeras or rent a car, ATV or moto. Real authentic native experience. When you finish with Rincon, there are other fine beaches nearby, including Colorado, Madama, Fronton and Playita. Try them all.

PLAYA COLORADO IN SAMANA: Playa Colorado is next to Playa Rincon. Small but very nice beach. It’s made of 2 parts: one private (but you can swim there even if there are a lot of waves), and another totally wild and undeveloped one. No restaurants on this beach, so you better take your lunch with you.

PLAYA PLAYITA IN LA GALERAS: Playa Playita is a very small but very nice beach in Las Galeras, with small restaurant. Very quiet and good access. As you see on the picture a quiet and sandy dream beach. Different lagoons, coconuts everywhere, and a small dominican bar where you can have fruit juices, beers etc…

PLAYA LAS GALERAS: Playa Las Galeras is the main beach here. Just at the end of the road. You can not miss it and when you don't stop your car you end up in the ocean!!! Restaurants, bars, boat rental, etc. From here on you can take a water taxi for example to Playa Rincon, Playa Colorado or Playa Madame. Also the place to buy fresh fish and lobster directly from the local fishermen. 

PLAYA MADAME: is a very nice (and one of my favorites) and small secluded beach around 4 km from Las Galeras over a bad road by quad, motor, dunky or by foot. They even say there is a hidden treasure under the water. For a tour pure nature, beach, cliffs… You need to do this. Playa Madame is a few kilometers away from Las Galeras downtown. You can get there by boat or walking 30 min in the tropical forest. This is a little beach, but totally natural with no developments! The lagoons are perfect for swimming and the sand is white and pink! You can also explore the caves (don’t forget your flashlight!) No restaurant at this beach, so take your lunch with you!

PLAYA FRONTON: Playa Fronton also top beach but also difficult to reach. You can reach it by boat from Las Galeras, or walking – but this is a 2 hours trek in the jungle. Don’t forget your diving masks and snorkels; this beach is perfect for discovering fish and coral reef.

We suggest going to this beach early, because at 3 pm the sun does not hit the beach anymore, as there is a big mountain behind it. Close to Playa Fronton is "the nose from the Devil”, a spectacular piece of nature which you have to see as well.