Las Terrenas Rentals provides quality villas in Las Terrenas on the best locations. Beachfront villas, close to the beach or with ocean view. Also villas for all kind of events: parties, weddings and business meetings available.
Also bookings from quads, atv's, fishing tours, wedding planners. Many years of holiday rental experience will assist you in a trusted and secure villa rental in Las Terrenas. Of course we have rental properties on the best beaches from Las Terrenas, like Playa Coson, Playa Bonita, El Portillo, Playa Las Ballenas and Punta Popi.
Our inventory goes from 3 bedroom villas till large 13 bedroom beachfront villas at Los Nomadas at Playa Coson.

Found 48 properties at Las Terrenas
Villa WS
6 13

Villa WS

$600 per night
Villa Now
6 16

Villa Now

$650 per night
Villa Haidee
$600 per night
Villa La Marinas
$5,960 per week
Playa Bonita Peninsula 201
$150 per night
Mario's apartment Playa bonita
$150 per night
4 bedroom villa with pool
$1,450 per week
Cubo Villa
9 20

Cubo Villa

$6,000 per week
Villa Moderno
$9,250 per week
Villa D1 at El Portillo beach
$11,200 per week
Casa Tropicana at Los Nomadas
$2,100 per week
Villa Bidea
$4,900 per week
Villa Amigo at Playa Bonita
$2,000 per week
Casa Vue Bonita at Loma Bonita
$7,190 per week
Beachfront Villa Playa Bonita
$9,500 per week
Ocean View villa Kala Kala
$3,200 per week
Casa eldorado at Playa Coson
$2,400 per week
Villa Alamondas at Playa Coson
$2,500 per week
Villa Moon at Playa Coson
$4,500 per week
beachhouse at Playa Coson
$7,500 per week
Casa 21 at Playa Las Ballenas
$4,900 per week
Playa Coson beachfront villa
$4,830 per week
Catamaran Tours & Deepsea fish
$800 per night
Found 48 properties at Las Terrenas